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Doge in Brooklyn: A Local Apparel Store Starts Accepting the Famed…


On the heels of the SpaceX announcement that the company accepted dogecoin as payment, an apparel store on Brooklyn’s colorful Flatbush Avenue took the jump as well into the deep, cold Doge waters.


Mystery Whale Returns by Moving $35 Million — Miner Transfers 1,0…

Two months after the mystery mining whale from 2010 transferred a string of 20 block rewards with 1,000 bitcoin on March 23, it seemed as though the entity was finished, after spending 10,000 bitcoin total. However, it took 78 days for the whale’s next move, as another 20 blocks from 2010 were transferred on Wednesday after the bitcoin sat idle for more than a decade.


Concordium Debuts its Business-Oriented Blockchain Mainnet

After years of development, Concordium has unveiled its permissionless blockchain and MVP that is designed to meet the needs of enterprises by delivering transparency and governance, all with an orientation towards protecting user privacy.


Report: Document Shows Specific Bitcoin Miners in Xinjiang Instruct…

An official notice stemming from the Changji prefecture government in Xinjiang details that officials from the Zhundong Economic-Technological Development Park must instruct bitcoin miners to shut down.


Interactive Brokers to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading End of Summer,…

Interactive Brokers will add cryptocurrency trading to its platform by the end of the summer, CEO Thomas Peterffy has revealed. The platform has about 1.33 million customer accounts and $330.6 billion in customer equity as of the first quarter.


South African Court Submissions Expose Lies and Deceptive Tactics U…

New submissions by a South African regulator, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and liquidators have exposed the web of lies and deceptive tactics that were used by Mirror Trading International (MTI) CEO Johann Steynberg and others to perpetuate the Ponzi scheme.


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Invests in Bitcoin-Friendly Dig…


Berkshire Hathaway, the company led by CEO Warren Buffett, has invested $500 million in a pro-bitcoin digital bank. Nubank says it will offer bitcoin investment following its acquisition of brokerage firm Easynvest which offers the trading of Brazil’s first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).


Denmark to Revise Tax Law to Target Cryptocurrencies


The Danish tax ministry is reportedly mulling over revising the country’s tax law to deal with the challenges posed by cryptocurrencies. Denmark’s tax authority is concerned about the rising risk of fraud and widespread filing errors involving cryptocurrencies.


Elon Musk Agrees With Vitalik Buterin on Dogecoin and Ethereum Coll…


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he “pretty much” agrees with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin about a collaboration between Dogecoin and Ethereum. Buterin said: “if we can have a secure Doge-to-Ethereum bridge. That would be amazing.”


White House Tech Advisor Tim Wu Keeps at Least $1 Million in Bitcoin

Tim Wu, top advisor to the Biden administration on technology and competition policy, holds more than $1 million in cryptocurrency, shows a recently filed financial disclosure. The antitrust expert, who is known as a prominent big tech critic, has in the past questioned the value of bitcoin.


FBI Agent Recovers Private Key to $2.3M in Bitcoin Paid to Colonial…

U.S. law enforcement officials from the Justice Department on Monday announced the seizure of $2.3 million dollars worth of crypto assets that were paid to the Colonial Pipeline hackers. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco explained during a news conference that federal agents “recaptured the majority of the ransom Colonial paid to the Darkside network.”


Infosys Chairman Advocates Regulation of Crypto Assets as Commoditi…

The chairman of major Indian company Infosys says that crypto should be regulated as an asset, like a commodity. He believes that crypto investors will significantly contribute to India’s economy.


Norway Finance Minister Sees Great Interest in Cryptocurrency — S…

The finance minister of Norway believes that bitcoin may experience “breakthroughs.” He noted that “There is no doubt that there is great interest in cryptocurrency both in Norway and internationally.”


Square Takes a Swipe at the Bitcoin Energy Debate With $5 Million S…

As the conversation about Bitcoin’s energy consumption reaches a fever pitch, Jack Dorsey’s payment provider Square has unveiled plans to fund a sustainable bitcoin mining facility in conjunction with Blockstream.


US Pharmacy Chain Pharmcorx Accepts Cryptocurrency for Fast Covid T…

Progressive Care, a company that operates a chain of pharmacies in the United States, has announced it’s now accepting cryptocurrency for its Covid-19 rapid testing services. Customers are welcome to pay with bitcoin for the quick tests offered at its Pharmcorx locations using a dedicated QR code.


El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele Plans to Declare Bitcoin Legal…

At the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, appeared via a Zoom presentation and noted that he plans to submit a bill next week that recognizes bitcoin as legal tender. Bukele revealed a partnership with the company Strike, a bitcoin payments firm launched by Jack Mallers.


Anonymous Targets Elon Musk for Destroying Crypto Holders' Lives, T…

The decentralized group Anonymous has published a message for Elon Musk in a video where they called the Tesla CEO “nothing more than another narcissistic rich dude who is desperate for attention.”


'Bitcoin Going to the Moon' — Bitmex Sending Physical Bitcoin to…

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex is sending bitcoin to the moon. A one-of-a-kind physical bitcoin will be minted and delivered to the moon by a leading space robotics company that Bitmex supports. The coin will hold one bitcoin at an address to be publicly released.


Bitcoin Dips as Elon Musk Tweets Broken Heart Emoji

The price of the leading cryptocurrency took a hit after billionaire Elon Musk mentioned Bitcoin in a new tweet hinting at a breakup. Musk’s latest crypto post, featuring a broken heart emoji and a reference to a Linkin Park song, effectively halted this week’s market rebound.


Data Shows BSC Dapps Lost $167 Million Last Month From Flash Loan A…

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) decentralized applications (dapps) have been hit with a number of flash loan attacks in recent weeks. According to collected data by Rekt, during the last 30 days BSC has lost a total of $167 million from these flash loan exploits.


Vitalik Buterin Says People Difficulties Not Technical Difficulties…

The cofounder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, recently discussed the highly anticipated full transition from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus model to proof-of-stake (PoS) as its replacement. Buterin admitted at Hong Kong’s Startmeup HK 2021 Festival that the transition was taking too long and highlighted that it wasn’t technical problems but “related to people.”


Binance Extends Blockade of Zimbabwean Crypto Users to Include Non-…


Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has reportedly extended its blockade of Zimbabwean users to include non-resident citizens. As a result of the new measures, all Zimbabwean nationals are now precluded from using the Binance trading platform.


Google Announces New Policy for Cryptocurrency Ads

Google has announced an update to its financial products and services policy, which includes its policy on cryptocurrency advertising. The new rules will take effect in August and all prior crypto exchange certifications will be revoked. Advertisers must request new cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets certification with Google.


$1.4M in Bitcoin Remains Idle — The Curious Case of the 37-Day-Old…

Approximately 378 days ago, before the bitcoin bull market started to heat up, a unique block was spent stemming from a coinbase reward created 37 days after the Bitcoin network launched. It seems roughly ten coins from the block reward were sold to an exchange, but 40 bitcoin worth $1.4 million at today’s exchange rates sits unspent.


Cheap Power Is Creating a Bitcoin Mining Boom in Argentina

Argentina, the ailing South American country, is experiencing a cryptocurrency mining resurgence due to artificially low power rates maintained by subsidies from the national government. This fact, alongside exchange controls and the possibility of selling obtained assets at a higher exchange rate than the official one, is enticing more and more individuals to enter the mining business.


Artists Plan to Erect a Bronze Satoshi Nakamoto Statue in Budapest…

Hungary plans to be the first country in the world to erect a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto, as a life-size bronze bust of Bitcoin’s creator will be displayed in Budapest. The bronze bust design is being constructed by two sculptors, Tamás Gilly and Réka Gergely.


MLB Steps Into the NFT World by Entering a Long-Term Partnership Wi…

On June 1, Major League Baseball (MLB) reporter David Adler announced the MLB organization established a long-term deal with the digital collectible company Candy Digital. The oldest American professional baseball organization is stepping into the non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles world and will start by launching a Lou Gehrig NFT.


Home Crypto Mining Spikes in Brazil Amid Record High Unemployment

With rising unemployment rates and rampant economic uncertainty, in the wake of the Covid crisis, a growing number of Brazilians are finding an alternative income source in cryptocurrency mining. GPU rigs have been spotted even in favelas as a relatively small investment can return more than the average salary in Brazil.


More Than 5 Million in Ethereum Worth $13 Billion Rests in the Eth2…

Statistics now show the Eth2 deposit contract has more than 5.2 million staked ether worth over $13 billion locked into the smart contract. The contract launched on November 4, 2020, and three weeks later, the contract met the required threshold to initiate the Beacon Chain.


Andreessen Horowitz Discusses Raising Third Crypto Fund to $2 Billi…

In May 2020, back when the crypto economy was still tumultuous from the coronavirus outbreak fears and gloomy global financial outlook, in general, the private venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) revealed the 500 million-dollar “Crypto Fund II.”