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Animoca Brands Plans $2 Billion Metaverse Fund to Support Establish…

Animoca Brands, the parent company of metaverse projects like The Sandbox, has announced it plans to launch a $2 billion metaverse fund. The new fund, which would be focused on returns for potential investors wanting to get more Web3-related capital exposure, will focus its activities on companies in the mid-to-late investment stages.


Bitget Takes on World Cup 2022 with Messi to Inject Confidence in S…

The leading exchange expands the team globally as Messi leads Argentina to the round of 16.


Blockchain Pilgrimage: Regulating Crypto 'Should Be Combined With E…

The collapse of Do Kwon’s Terra empire in May, and Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX in early November 2022, will be remembered as two incidents that put the crypto industry on the back foot. It is now widely expected that regulators around the world will use the two incidents to justify the establishment of regulatory regimes that are likely to stifle further innovation.


Report: Nigerian Crypto Exchange Quidax Cuts Its Workforce by 20%

As it reels from the effects of what it termed a global economic downturn, the Nigerian digital asset exchange platform, Quidax, recently said it had laid off employees who constituted 20% of its workforce. Despite the layoffs, Quidax reportedly told its customers it is ‘not going anywhere, anytime soon.”


Venezuelan Currency Plunges Almost 40% Against the US Dollar, Analy…

The Venezuelan fiat currency, the bolivar, has lost almost 40% in its exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in a month. According to reports, the seasonal payments that the government has to make, and the lack of liquidity of the government to intervene in the currency market are part of the equation leading to this, however, some also include crypto as part of the problem.


Bank of Japan to Launch Digital Yen Pilot Program Next Year

The Bank of Japan is preparing to run a test trial of its own central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital yen, with help from three top banks and regional institutions. The pilot program, estimated to last two years, will focus on testing the currency via several transactions, and experimenting with its functionality in environments without internet connections.


Russia Prepares to Create Government-Controlled Crypto Exchange

Lawmakers in Russia are drafting legislation that would allow the establishment of a “national cryptocurrency exchange,” local media unveiled. Coins now circulate outside of government oversight and the Russian state is losing budget revenues in the billions of rubles, pointed out one of the participants in these efforts.


Deloitte: Metaverse Could Add $1.4 Trillion a Year to Asia's GDP

Deloitte estimates the metaverse could add $1.4 trillion to Asia’s GDP annually by 2035. Noting that the metaverse market could be as large as $13 trillion by 2030, the global financial services firm said: “The metaverse is no longer science fiction. Early metaverse platforms are already being used by millions.”


Dubai Multi Commodities Centre to Issue Gold Backed Tokens Using th…

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has announced a new partnership with the firm Comtech Gold in order to digitize gold trading. The DMCC said the tokenized precious metals are backed by DMCC Tradeflow-registered gold bars, and each tokenized gold bar “will be backed by a Tradeflow warrant.”


JPMorgan Chase Granted Wallet Trademark Covering Various Virtual Cu…

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted JPMorgan Chase Bank’s trademark registration for “J.P. Morgan Wallet” for use in a wide range of financial services, including virtual currency transfers and exchanges, as well as crypto payment services.


Uzbekistan Licenses 2 Crypto Exchange Service Providers

The regulatory body overseeing the crypto market in Uzbekistan has issued licenses to two companies that will be providing exchange services. The decision to authorize their activities aims to make it easier for Uzbekistanis to purchase and sell digital currencies, the agency said.


Amendments to Russia’s Digital Asset Law Aim to Allow Mining, Ban C…

Russian lawmakers have proposed changes to the current law “On Digital Financial Assets” in order to regulate crypto mining while banning the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. The legislation also prohibits the non-targeted advertising of crypto-related products and services.


Australia Suspends Financial Services License of Local FTX Entity


Australia’s securities regulator has suspended the license of the Australian unit of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX until mid-May. According to an issued statement, the platform will be allowed to provide limited financial services until Dec. 19 in order to terminate existing derivatives.


Report: Genesis Global Trading’s Lending Unit Suspends Withdrawals…


Following Blockfi, Liquid Global, and Salt Lending halting withdrawals, reports indicate that Genesis Global Trading’s lending unit has halted customer withdrawals. Genesis’ interim chief executive officer Derar Islim said that the company’s trading and custody units were still operational.


Russia’s Digital Ruble Integrated Into Banking App

VTB has become the first Russian bank to add the digital ruble to its mobile application. The integration is currently being tested with accounts set up for legal entities. Select customers will be granted access in the coming months and will be able to join the trials.


White House, US Senators Call for Proper Crypto Oversight

The White House and members of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee have called for proper cryptocurrency regulation following the collapse of crypto exchange FTX. “Without proper oversight of cryptocurrencies, they risk harming everyday Americans, and this is something that clearly we monitor and we see as an important issue,” said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.


Amid the FTX Confusion, Whistleblower Edward Snowden Says 'Custodia…

Whistleblower and former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, has been very vocal about the crypto economy in recent times. After publishing a copy of Bitcoin’s white paper on Twitter on the document’s 14th birthday, Snowden had some words with Craig Wright, the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.


Gamefi Project Oasys Aims to Grow Blockchain Gaming in Japan Throug…

Oasys, a gaming-oriented, Japan-based Web3 project, is partnering with YGG, a blockchain gaming guild, to grow blockchain gaming in Japan. The partnership encompasses the use of YGG resources to promote gaming projects built on top of the Oasys ecosystem, giving developers from all over the world an opportunity to get into Japan’s gaming market.


Soros-Backed Argentine Neobank Uala Launches Cryptocurrency Trading…

Uala, an Argentine neobank backed by George Soros, has launched cryptocurrency trading services for its users in Argentina. Customers of the company with the highest loyalty levels are now able to trade, purchase, and sell bitcoin and ether through Uala’s platform. The service is expected to be expanded to all customers in the coming weeks.


Santander UK Limits Cryptocurrency Exchange Transactions, Bank Says…

On Nov. 3, Santander UK, the subsidiary of the Spanish financial giant Banco Santander, S.A., published a notice that says “investing in cryptocurrency assets can be high risk.” Furthermore, the British bank also imposed a limit on cryptocurrency exchanges using the firm’s mobile and online banking services.


The Fed Codifies Fourth Consecutive 75bps Rate Hike — Stocks, Bitco…

The U.S. Federal Reserve introduced another jumbo rate hike on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022, by hiking the federal funds rate (FFR) by 75 basis points (bps). The American central bank said on Wednesday that the hike aims to curb inflation and the Fed says “recent indicators point to modest growth in spending and production.”


India's Tax Authority Asks Crypto Exchanges for Details of Coins Tr…

India’s tax authority has reportedly asked major cryptocurrency exchanges in the country to provide information pertaining to the coins traded on their platforms. The tax authority is also evaluating the taxability of crypto transactions to determine if the goods and services tax (GST) can be applied to them.


Thailand and Hungary Partner to Promote Blockchain Tech in Financia…

Industry associations from Hungary and Thailand plan to cooperate on implementing blockchain technologies in the financial services sector. The two sides hope to share experience and produce ideas for alternative services as part of their new partnership.


Majority of Voters Want More Crypto Regulation — See Digital Assets…


A new survey shows that a majority of likely voters want more crypto regulation. “Our national survey shows voters believe in the promise of digital assets and see it as a long-term part of the economy and their financial future,” said the Crypto Council for Innovation.


Gamefi-Focused Oasys Blockchain Launches Mainnet With Support of Se…

Oasys, a Web3, EVM-compatible, gamefi-focused blockchain project, launched the first phase of its mainnet on October 25th. The company, which has gathered support from AAA gaming companies such as Sega, Ubisoft, and Bandai Namco, will start validating blocks from all nodes in preparation for its definitive activation slated to happen on November 8th.


Rishi Sunak Becomes UK Prime Minister — He Wants to Make Britain a…

Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has become the country’s new prime minister, succeeding Liz Truss who resigned after 44 days in office. The leader of the Conservative Party previously said: “It’s my ambition to make the U.K. a global hub for cryptoasset technology.”


Hong Kong Presents Digital Currency Prototype, Project Aurum

Financial authorities in Hong Kong have unveiled a prototype of the Chinese autonomous territory’s own central bank digital currency called Project Aurum. The two-tier platform features a wholesale interbank and a retail e-wallet system, participants revealed.


Interpol Launches Police-Focused Metaverse

Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, has announced the launch of the supposed first police metaverse experience. This new virtual world, which allows users to visit the offices of the institution in Lyon, aims to advance the understanding of metaverse-related crimes and opens the possibility for users to receive training in different areas.


EU Commissioner Urges US to Create New Crypto Rules — Says 'We Ne…

The European Commission’s commissioner for financial services has reportedly urged U.S. lawmakers to establish new rules to regulate the crypto industry. “We do need to see other players also legislating … We need to look at global regulation of crypto,” said the commissioner.


Bank of America's Survey of Wealthy Americans: Younger People Are 7…

Bank of America has found that younger wealthy Americans are 7.5 times more likely to hold crypto in their portfolios than investors aged 43 and older. “If the youngest cohort isn’t confident in stocks, where do they see opportunities for investment growth? Alternatives, including cryptocurrencies, which are their No. 1 choice,” the bank wrote.