Man’s Life Savings Stolen from Hardware Wallet Supplied by a Reseller

Hardware wallets are regarded as one of the safest means of storing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Each device grants the holder possession of their private keys and adds a PIN code plus other tamer-proof tech for enhanced security. Hardware wallets are not impregnable, however, as one British man found to his peril after purchasing the device on Ebay.


Russian Crypto Expert Released After Allegedly Being Kidnapped

Pavel Lerner, the Russian IT specialist kidnapped by masked men near his Kiev office on Tuesday, has been released after reportedly paying a bitcoin ransom worth more than a million in USD. This sum and payment has not been confirmed. Exmo’s executive was dropped off on a roadside by his attackers and is in a state of shock. The crypto entrepreneur has so far remained silent about the attack, that also shocked many Russians and…