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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Bulls Attempt to Break Upper Resist…

The price of bitcoin is hovering just above the $38K range after a bullish trading day on Tuesday following U.S. Federal Reserve Governor Chris Waller’s dovish speech. Bitcoin’s 24-hour range has been between $37,156 to $38,450 and it currently has a market capitalization of around $745 billion.


Study Reveals Bitcoin Mining as a Catalyst for Renewable Energy Gro…


A recently published working paper, collaboratively authored by industry experts, examines the critical influence of bitcoin mining in promoting worldwide clean energy efforts and stabilizing electricity grids. This paper probes into the utility of mining as a flexible and versatile instrument for large-scale demand response in industries and harnessing unused energy resources.


Robert Kiyosaki's Advice: Get Into Bitcoin Now 'Before It's Too Late'

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has advised investors to get into bitcoin and ditch fiat money now “before it’s too late,” reiterating that workers and savers in U.S. dollars are losers. Kiyosaki has made a number of bullish predictions about the price of bitcoin, ranging from $135,000 in the near term to $1 million.


S2F Creator Plan B's Prophetic Call — 'Enjoy Sub-$40K Bitcoin Whi…

Willy Woo, an onchain analyst, recently predicted that bitcoin’s value might consistently stay above the $30K mark. Earlier this week, the statement was complemented by Plan B, the developer of the stock-to-flow (S2F) price model, who presented a realized price chart and urged enthusiasts to “enjoy sub-$40K bitcoin … while it lasts.”


JPMorgan: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Could Put 'Severe Downward Pressure on…

Global investment bank JPMorgan has cautioned that the approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could “put severe downward pressure on bitcoin prices.” The bank’s analysts estimate that billions of dollars could exit the crypto market after Grayscale Investments converts its bitcoin trust (GBTC) into a spot bitcoin ETF.


Robert Kiyosaki Says Prepare for Hyperinflation — Sees Bitcoin as…


Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has urged investors to prepare for hyperinflation, emphasizing that bitcoin is “your best protection.” He perceives the cryptocurrency as “people’s money,” the value of which cannot be controlled by governments.


Bitcoin Achieves Lifetime Record With Over 710,000 Daily Transactio…

On Sunday, November 19, 2023, Bitcoin achieved a historic milestone, registering the highest number of daily transactions ever confirmed within a 24-hour span. A significant 710,579 transfers were confirmed by miners that day, including a significant portion of 475,249 Ordinal inscriptions.


Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Holds Above $37K With Tense Market…

On Monday, November 20, 2023, bitcoin (BTC) is navigating slightly above the $37K mark, kicking off the week. Over the last day, BTC’s price has fluctuated from $36,441 to $37,516 per unit. Currently, bitcoin trades are generating a global trading volume of $15.55 billion.


Greenidge Generation Settles Debt and Sells SC Bitcoin Mining Site…

Greenidge Generation Holdings has successfully wiped out $21.8 million in secured debt and divested its South Carolina bitcoin mining facility to NYDIG. The firm detailed that the move enhances Greenidge’s financial stability and liquidity.


South Korea's Crypto Premiums Roar Back, Bitcoin Trades Nearly $1,3…

Recent data reveals the crypto economy has experienced notable growth over the past month, with a substantial portion of its trading activity originating from South Korea. As an illustration, on Saturday, November 18, 2023, the Korean won accounted for 3.53% of all bitcoin (BTC) trades in the previous 24 hours.


SEC Postpones Verdict on Global X Spot Bitcoin ETF, Cites Market Ma…

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has postponed its decision on the Global X Bitcoin Trust’s application to list a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The delay, announced on November 17, 2023, marks a continued period of uncertainty in the spot bitcoin ETF space.


Tether Charts Strategic Course in Bitcoin Mining, Plans $500 Millio…

Tether Holdings Ltd., the issuer of the leading stablecoin in terms of market value and trade volume, is poised to become a formidable player in the mining industry, as revealed by its CEO, Paolo Ardoino. On Thursday, Ardoino announced the company’s intention to channel approximately $500 million into its mining business over the next six months.


Bitcoin Hits 40 Million Inscriptions Milestone and Second-Highest D…

Data reveals a milestone in the Bitcoin blockchain, with a tally of 40 million Ordinal inscriptions etched into its ledger. Inscription records were shattered on November 12, 2023, when a daily peak saw 505,345 inscriptions created in a single day.


Bitcoin Difficulty Hits Record 64.68 Trillion Amid 5 Straight Incre…

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, Bitcoin’s difficulty metric climbed 3.55%, reaching a new peak of 64.68 trillion at block height 816,480. This adjustment marks the fifth consecutive rise in the network’s difficulty since September 19.


Bitstream White Paper Proposes Bitcoin Payments to Disrupt File Sto…

Robin Linus, the creator behind BitVM — a computing construct atop the Bitcoin blockchain — released a new white paper on November 11, 2023, entitled “Bitstream.” The document explores a system aimed at reforming the economic structure of file storage, suggesting a usage-based model that rewards server contributions with bitcoin payments.


CME Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Climbs Past Binance, Indicating G…

The open interest for bitcoin futures on the CME Group has outstripped that of Binance’s futures market, with the former reaching an open interest of $4.06 billion and the latter at $3.87 billion, as bitcoin’s value climbs to new peaks.


Bitcoin Fees Climb 150% in 3 Days as Block Space Grows More Expensive

Transaction fees within the Bitcoin network have surged considerably, eclipsing the figures recorded merely three days prior. A transfer deemed high-priority, which formerly cost an average of $3.38, now demands a fee of $8.46. This significant increase was recorded on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at precisely 9:52 a.m. Eastern Time.


Financial Giant Fidelity's Director Sees Bitcoin as 'Exponential Gold'

Financial services giant Fidelity’s director of global macro says bitcoin is “exponential gold.” He explained that gold is “too deflationary and clunky to be used as a medium of exchange,” noting that “investors own it primarily as a store of value — and one of the many reasons bitcoin is often compared to gold.”


Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Price Rising to $150,000 by 2025 — 'Immi…

Global asset management firm Alliance Bernstein expects the price of bitcoin to reach $150,000 by 2025. The firm’s analyst has predicted “imminent” approvals of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including those by leading asset management companies like Blackrock and Fidelity.


Bitcoin's Meteoric Rise to $35,000 Erases $232M in Short Positions…

On October 24, 2023, bitcoin (BTC) experienced a robust 13% surge during the early morning trading hours, Eastern Time (ET). This rise catapulted bitcoin’s value to $35,108 per unit, propelling the entire cryptocurrency market upwards by over 10%.


Mexican Billionaire Advocates Bitcoin for Wealth Protection — 'Pe…

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas sees bitcoin as a way to protect against inflation tax because the cryptocurrency cannot be debased.


Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin Headed for $135,000 While Gold Will So…

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki expects the price of bitcoin to reach $135,000. He also foresees substantial growth in the price of gold, reaching $3,700 in the near future. In contrast, the renowned author has warned that savers of U.S. dollars, which he calls “fake money,” will be in trouble.


Ferrari Starts Accepting Crypto Payments for Luxury Sports Cars

Ferrari has reportedly begun accepting payment in cryptocurrency. The Italian luxury sports car manufacturer cited requests from both the market and dealers as the primary motivation for this decision. “This will help us connect to people who are not necessarily our clients but might afford a Ferrari,” said an executive of the company.


Bitcoin Dips Below $26K in Crypto Market Whirlwind; $1 Billion Liqu…

Bitcoin’s value briefly slipped below the $26K threshold at 5:50 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday before swiftly rebounding past the $26,000 benchmark. Concurrently, the expansive crypto landscape experienced an 8% tumble against the U.S. dollar, teetering dangerously close to dropping below the $1 trillion threshold.


Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Bulls Continue to Target…

Bitcoin started the week hovering slightly above the $29,300 region, however bulls continue to target a resistance level of $30,000. The cryptocurrency mostly consolidated this past weekend, with this sentiment still present on Monday. Ethereum fell marginally below its Sunday peak.


Idle No More: $11.4 Million in 'Sleeping Bitcoins' Wake up After Ye…

Hovering just above the $29,000 mark, bitcoin’s value remained relatively stable while an interesting event occurred on Saturday afternoon: a dormant cache of 195.79 bitcoins, untouched for over seven years, was transferred for the first time since 2016.


Bitcoin Price Could Rise to $180,000 by 2024 Halving, Says Fundstrat

In a recent note to investors, Fundstrat has forecasted a potential surge in the price of bitcoin to an astonishing $180,000 before its next block reward halving event in April 2024. The financial services company attributes this projected 521% price hike from current levels to the rising demand, fueled mainly by the anticipated approval of a bitcoin ETF.


Bitcoin Mining in July: $844.56 Million in Revenue, Dominance of To…

As per the data compiled for the month of July, bitcoin miners discovered a total of 4,366 blocks, collectively accruing approximately $844.56 million in block rewards and fees. This figure marks an estimated increase of $60.8 million from the previous month.


Lightspark CEO David Marcus States Building on Bitcoin's Lightning…

David Marcus, CEO of Lightspark, a company that builds business-grade solutions to facilitate payments on top of the Lightning Network, shared his experience in developing on top of the Bitcoin scaling layer.


Tim Draper Predicts Bitcoin Will Outpace Fiat Currencies, Asserts I…

Renowned bitcoin investor and venture capitalist, Tim Draper, envisions a future where bitcoin emerges as a formidable competitor to the world’s fiat currencies. During a recent interview with Fox News, Draper argued that bitcoin’s inherent safety and superiority surpass those of traditional banking systems and government-controlled fiat currencies.