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Strategist Mike McGlone Believes Bitcoin Can Jump to $60K Resistanc…

The senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, has been long on bitcoin for a while now and he said last month that bitcoin has a “bullish ace up its sleeve.” This week the strategist’s analysis notes that bitcoin prices will likely revert toward the $60K handle in contrast to the $20K support range.


Group of Salvadorans Take to the Streets to Protest El Salvador's N…

While some Salvadorans situated near Playa El Zonte beach like the new bitcoin tender law implemented by Nayib Bukele’s regime, a number of other citizens dislike the law. This week, regional reports show citizens from El Salvador have taken to the streets to protest the bitcoin tender law.


Viking Silver Found on Isle of Man Represents 1,000-Year-Old Analog…

Off the coast of the Irish Sea, humans have lived on the Isle of Man since before 6500 B.C. The island has a robust history of Viking Age treasures. According to a recent announcement from Manx National Heritage, a heritage agency located there, an amateur treasure hunter recently discovered a hoard of Viking silver on the island.


Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood Will Discuss Bitcoin Live at 'B…

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood will be featured speakers at the Bitcoin event “The B Word,” which will feature a live discussion between the three focused on how Bitcoin is perceived by the mainstream.


Crypto Experts Predict Bitcoin Price Rising to $318,417 by December…

A panel of crypto experts has predicted that the price of bitcoin will rise to $318,417 by December 2025. The most bullish expert believes that the price of the cryptocurrency will reach $160,000 by the end of the year. Meanwhile, 54% of them think that hyperbitcoinization will happen by 2050.


Oldest US Bank BNY Mellon to Provide Grayscale Bitcoin Trust With A…

Grayscale Investments has engaged the oldest bank in the U.S., BNY Mellon, to provide asset servicing for its bitcoin trust. The bank will also provide ETF services for the bitcoin trust upon its conversion to an exchange-traded fund (ETF).


Man Who Accidentally Threw Away 7,500 Bitcoins on Hard Drive Has Ne…

The British man who accidentally threw away a computer with 7,500 bitcoins on its hard drive has come up with a new plan to retrieve his lost coins from the city landfill. “We estimate there are between 300,000 – 400,000 tons of waste to look through,” he said.


Yield App Launches DeFi Bitcoin Fund, Gives Users up to 12% APY

PRESS RELEASE. ESTONIA — JULY 8, 2021 — YIELD App, the decentralized finance (DeFi) wealth management platform bridging traditional and digital finance, is pleased to announce the launch of its Bitcoin Fund, allowing users to earn high-interest returns on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC).


Bitcoin Sinks Below $33K, Analyst Says BTC at ‘Dangerously Low Leve…

Bitcoin and a number of popular digital assets have been dropping in value over the past 24 hours, as bitcoin has slipped below the $33K handle. The entire market capitalization of all 10,000+ crypto assets in existence has shed billions during the overnight trading sessions, and the crypto economy currently rests at $1.38 trillion, down more than 6% since yesterday.


Allied Payment Network Embeds Bitcoin Service, Will Hold BTC in Cor…

Payment service provider Allied Payment Network has partnered with New York Digital Investment Group, the bitcoin subsidiary of $10 billion asset manager Stone Ridge. Financial institutions using Allied’s platform will be able to offer their customers the option to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin. Furthermore, Allied will keep bitcoin on its balance sheet.


Bitcoin of America’s Chief Financial Officer Reports Record Company…

PRESS RELEASE. Bitcoin of America (BOA), a popular virtual currency exchange, is reporting record growth. Bitcoin of America is registered as a money services business with the United States Department of Treasury (FinCEN). Their mission is to provide their customers with a fast and easy transaction process, while securing the best rate in the market.


8,000 BTC Belonging to Mirror Trading International Traced, Investo…

A total of 8,000 bitcoins belonging to Mirror Trading International (MTI) have been traced while an additional 29,000 bitcoins could soon meet a similar fate. The traced coins, which are valued at over $280 million (4 billion rand), represent a potential breakthrough for beleaguered MTI investors.


JPMorgan Predicts When Bitcoin Bear Market Will Be Over

Global investment bank JPMorgan has predicted that the bitcoin price slump will likely be over when the cryptocurrency’s dominance rises back above 50%. “I think that’s another indicator to watch here in terms of whether this bear phase is over or not,” the firm’s analyst explained.


US State Department Official Wants El Salvador to 'Ensure Bitcoin I…

The U.S. Department of State’s undersecretary of state for political affairs, Victoria Nuland, has explained during a press conference that the U.S. has urged El Salvador to be responsible with the country’s new bitcoin law. Nuland told the press that the U.S. was taking a “tough look at Bitcoin” and that Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele needs to “ensure that it is well regulated.”


US Senator's Advice: Buy, Hold, Save Bitcoin for Retirement as Cong…

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis has encouraged “people to buy and hold” bitcoin in their portfolios. “I encourage them to save bitcoin for their retirement, for their future,” she said, adding that with Congress flooding the economy with trillions and trillions of dollars, “there’s no way” the value of the U.S. dollar will not be debased.


Payments Giant NCR Bringing Bitcoin Trading to 650 U.S. Banks and T…

Payments giant NCR and New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) are collaborating to allow 650 U.S.banks to offer bitcoin trading to their 24 million customers through their mobile applications.


John McAfee's Hideout Was a Secret Bitcoin Mining Farm

John McAfee was reportedly hiding out in a Spanish “ghost hotel” with a bitcoin mining farm in the basement prior to his arrest. Clues from images and messages the antivirus tycoon posted on social media point to a semi-abandoned hotel owned by a Russian.


Major Auction House Christie's Accepts Bitcoin for Painting Worth E…

British auction house Christie’s will accept bitcoin and ether for a painting worth an estimated $6 million. The digital wallet used to pay for the painting must be held at one of the approved custodians, such as Coinbase, Fidelity, Gemini, or Paxos.


While Bitcoin Hits New Lows Gold Bug Peter Schiff Blasts the Top Cr…

The American economist, financial commentator, and gold bug Peter Schiff had a lot to say about bitcoin’s price sliding on Tuesday. Schiff has always claimed bitcoin’s value will one day drop to nothing. This week he insists bitcoin’s chart shows a head and shoulders top pattern with a “neckline around $30K the pattern measures a move to zero.”


Hedgeye: This Model Predicts Bitcoin at $1,000,000

Analysts at Hedgeye Risk Management, an investment research and financial media company based in Stamford, Connecticut, have analyzed the Bitcoin stock-to-flow argument. This framework suggests Bitcoin’s price potentially reaching $1 million by the latter half of 2020s, and as much as $10 million per BTC by the 2030s.


Microstrategy Buys $489M Worth of Bitcoin — Company Now Holds More…

The independent, publicly-traded business intelligence company Microstrategy announced the acquisition of 13,005 bitcoin on Monday, at a purchase price of approximately $489 million in cash. The company’s CEO Michael Saylor revealed the latest purchase on Twitter, and the firm now has more than 100,000 bitcoins on its balance sheet.


Basketball Players in Canada to Be Paid in Bitcoin

CEBL, the Canadian men’s basketball league, will offer its professional basketball players the option to receive a portion of their salary in cryptocurrency. The new payment option has been enabled through a partnership with the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbuy.


General Motors CEO: 'Nothing Precludes GM From Accepting Bitcoin if…

The CEO of General Motors (GM), America’s largest automaker, says that nothing precludes her company from accepting bitcoin if there is consumer demand for it. “Certainly, we want to make the whole buying and ownership experience as easy as possible,” said the GM chief executive.


Bitcoin Beach Town in El Salvador Bustles With Growth After BTC Bec…

Ever since El Salvador passed a bill that was approved by a supermajority in the Salvadoran Congress legalizing bitcoin as legal tender in the nation, the country has remained in the spotlight. Furthermore, there’s an area in El Salvador called “Bitcoin Beach” with a small group of beach villagers that are attempting to leverage bitcoin on a daily basis.


Latin American Countries Eye Bitcoin Adoption After El Salvador Pas…

A number of lawmakers in Latin American countries have expressed their interest in bitcoin following El Salvador passing the law making the cryptocurrency legal tender. The countries include Paraguay, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, and Mexico. Tonga and Tanzania have also reportedly expressed interest in bitcoin.


Finance Guru Suze Orman Likes Bitcoin Despite Regulation, Elon Musk…


Personal finance guru and best-selling author Suze Orman has given advice on how to invest in bitcoin. She likes the cryptocurrency as a long-term investment despite regulatory uncertainty and the influence Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to have on the bitcoin market.


JPMorgan Warns of Incoming Bitcoin Bear Market Citing 'Unusual Deve…

Investment bank JPMorgan Chase has warned of a further bitcoin price decline, expecting an incoming bear market. The bank’s analysts look at the trend in bitcoin futures and see “an unusual development and a reflection of how weak bitcoin demand is at the moment from institutional investors.” However, a number of people disagree with this analysis.


Taproot Lock-in Achieved — Bitcoin Network Set to Activate Biggest…

The ‘Speedy Trial’ lock-in period for the Bitcoin network upgrade Taproot is now complete. Data from details the lock-in has been achieved and it was locked in at block height 687,285 and mined by the mining pool Slushpool.


Speedy Trial Success — Bitcoin Upgrade Taproot Set to Lock-in This…

On Friday, June 11, 2021, data shows that Taproot could get locked-in this coming weekend, as the signal ratio is 98.3% and a touch more than 100 additional signaling blocks are needed to lock in the upcoming soft fork.


Mystery Whale Returns by Moving $35 Million — Miner Transfers 1,0…

Two months after the mystery mining whale from 2010 transferred a string of 20 block rewards with 1,000 bitcoin on March 23, it seemed as though the entity was finished, after spending 10,000 bitcoin total. However, it took 78 days for the whale’s next move, as another 20 blocks from 2010 were transferred on Wednesday after the bitcoin sat idle for more than a decade.