Sui Surpasses Solana in Daily Transactions Amidst Spam Token Frenzy


Sui, a scalability-focused blockchain, has surpassed Solana, a top 10 cryptocurrency network, in activity levels, registering 41 million transactions on April 3. The activity overheating on Sui is caused by ‘spam’, a Sui native token designed to stress test the network’s capabilities, assigning tokens to users equivalent to the number of transactions issued.


Sui Surpasses Solana’s Activity Fueled by Spam Stress Test Token

Sui, a blockchain network that targets scalability and low fees, overcame Solana in registered activity. According to Artemis, a blockchain statistics tool, Sui registered over 41 million transactions on April 3, leaving Solana behind with 27.7 million transactions completed during the same period.

The overheating in Sui’s usage is related to spam, a token used to stress test the capabilities and limits of the blockchain. 1 billion spam tokens are issued daily and will be distributed among the users sending transactions using Sui’s network. Spam rewards will be equivalent to the participation of each user in the test, with participants with more transactions issued getting more spam.

Throughput during the test rose to 863 transactions per second (TPS), settling at 650 TPS, according to X user Martyparty. Over 65 million transactions have been sent during the stress test, and this number is expected to keep rising as more users join the experiment to receive more spam tokens. Less than 60k unique users have participated in this test.

To help users send transactions, the spam team has built a web client that hosts a cryptocurrency wallet that can send one transaction each second. Furthermore, another onchain mechanism tracks user transactions, calculates rewards per user, and lets users mint spam without using the provided web client.

Even after experiencing this rise in activity, the network operates normally, coping with the increase in transactions. In a controlled load test in July, the network managed to handle a load of over 60 million daily transactions, a number the upcoming spam token activity might surpass. Solana, managing a lower transaction number, has experienced limited operativity and has engineers expediting software patches to fix these issues.

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