Ethereum News

Ethereum Coders Approve 6 Changes for Upcoming Istanbul Hard Fork

Ethereum core developers finalized late Thursday a list of six different code changes to be activated for ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul.


Domain Registrar EnCirca Starts Registrations for Ethereum Addresses

EnCirca, an internet domain registrar, is launching an ethereum naming service (ENS) to provide domain names at .eth locations. The firm is in the pre-registration phase and will accept domain applications until August 10.


Ethereum Tokens to Trade on Swiss Stock Exchange via R3 Tech

Public blockchain tokens will soon be trading on a major securities exchange. Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Swiss security token firm BlockState plans to “passport” half a dozen ERC-20 tokens from ethereum, the second-largest public blockchain, to Corda, the private distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform developed by R3.


Why Ethereum’s Privacy Matters and What’s Being Built to Support It

Mixers. Computational data layers. Zero-knowledge proofs: these are just a few of the technologies being leveraged to enhance privacy on the ethereum blockchain.


Above $300: Ether Price Clocks 10-Month High

The price of ethereum’s native cryptocurrency ether (ETH) surpassed $300 today to hit ten-month highs.


Employers Can Now Pay Salaries in Ether Via Crypto Startup Bitwage

Bitwage, a startup that helps companies pay their employees in cryptocurrency, has added ether as a payroll option.


Ethereum Classic to Test Code for ‘Atlantis’ Upgrade This Month

Ethereum classic developers are speeding up plans to test a proposed upgrade for the blockchain network.


EY Open-Sources ‘Nightfall’ Code for Private Transactions on Ethereum

One of the world’s largest consultancy firms has released a new set of protocols for enabling private transactions atop the ethereum blockchain.


Joe Lubin, Jimmy Song Strike $500K Crypto Bet on Ethereum’s Future

The terms of a much-hyped bet have finally been settled, and, at current prices, more than $500,000 in crypto is on the line.


Ethereum Foundation to Spend $30 Million on Development Over Next Year

The Ethereum Foundation plans to spend $30 million on ecosystem development over the next 12 months.


Ethereum 2.0’s Nodes Need to Talk – A Solution Is ‘Hobbits’

Developers working to create the next iteration of the ethereum blockchain have developed code intended to help client developers boost their testing efforts ahead of the upgrade.


Auditor EY Unveils Nightfall, An Ambitious Bid to Bring Business to…

Big Four professional services firm EY is rolling out free software designed to help corporate clients use the ethereum blockchain – and it’s taken an unusual step to encourage adoption.


Ethereum Core Developers Debate Benefits of More Frequent Hard Forks

How often is too often to alter consensus?

A group of ethereum’s veteran open-source developers discussed the subject in a bi-weekly meeting Friday, wherein they aired the possibility that system-wide upgrades, also called hard forks, to the software could be enacted as often as every three months.


Ethereum’s ProgPow Mining Change Approved Again, But Timeline Unclear

“We’re going back to stuff we were tired of talking about months ago. We decided the only issue is whether there are errors in the algorithm [or] back doors in the algorithm.”

So said Greg Colvin during a heated debate during an ethereum developer call Friday over a proposed change to the network’s mining algorithm known as Progressive Proof-of-Work or “ProgPoW.”


Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Proposes Wallet Fee to Fund Develo…

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the ethereum blockchain project, has proposed increasing user fees on the network for the purposes of supporting developers with sustainable funding.


Researcher Claims to Have Sleuthed $90M of Quadrigacx Funds

A new research report links a trail of 12 wallets holding Quadrigacx funds worth $90M of ethereum to Kraken, Bitfinex, and Poloniex exchanges. With Kraken confirming that it no longer holds any active Quadriga wallets, the onus is now on the other two exchanges to confirm or deny that the coins are still in their accounts.


$66 Million Building to Be Tokenized on Ethereum Blockchain in Reco…

For Patrick O’Meara, there is a world of difference between security tokens and tokenized securities. A security token merely means an issuer is selling a crypto token in compliance with securities laws.


CasperLabs Is Building a PoS Blockchain With Help from Ethereum’s V…

A new startup called CasperLabs has launched with the aim of building a new blockchain based on a version of proof-of-stake (PoS), the experimental consensus protocol most associated with ethereum.


Metrics May Point to Ether Being Undervalued

In 2018, the ethereum network has been hobbled by delayed protocol upgrades, ICO boom hangover and the overall crypto winter.


Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Forming a ‘Token Task Force’

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is boarding the tokenization train. The 385-member standards body plans to form a “token task force” this year, executive director Ron Resnick told CoinDesk. The group will work on a specification for tokens that run on top of ethereum and private blockchains based on it, with business uses in mind.


Funds Were Moving On QuadrigaCX Right Before Its Collapse

Nearly $1 million worth of ether (ETH) left QuadrigaCX and went to other cryptocurrency exchanges in December, the same month its CEO died, a CoinDesk review of public blockchain data shows.


Ethereum Developers Delay Mining Algorithm Change for Code Audit

Developers contributing to the ethereum protocol are electing to hold off on a decision to submit code that would stifle the advantage of high-powered ASIC miners competing for the network’s rewards.


Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin Joins Board of Crypto Futures Platfor…

Crypto trading startup ErisX is expanding its board of directors as it prepares to launch spot and derivatives markets for digital assets, including bitcoin and eventually ethereum.


What to Expect When Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork Happens

“Cautious optimism.”

That’s how Hudson Jameson, developer relations for the Ethereum Foundation, described the mood in the run-up to ethereum’s fifth planned system-wide upgrade, Constantinople.


Coinbase Suspends Ethereum Classic After Blockchain History Rewrites

Crypto exchange Coinbase has halted all ethereum classic transactions, withdrawals and deposits due to a series of blockchain history reorganizations on the network.


Why the CFTC’s Questions About Ethereum Matter

Are ether futures just around the corner? Last week, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) released a series of questions for the public, focusing on the workings of ethereum and the market for its token, ether.


Ethereum Studio Consensys’ Wild Ideas and Squandered Funds Led to M…

Ethereum incubator Consensys is to cut 50 to 60 percent of its employees. The blockchain software company has already laid off 13 percent of its workforce in order to survive the bear market. According to one source, lack of product, wild ideas and an inability to sell technologies has made Consensys’ position financially precarious. As a result, Consensys will need to make further cuts.


Ethereum Chat Startup Status Lays Off 25% of Staff

Ethereum browser startup Status.IM is cutting a quarter of its staff due to the ongoing downturn in cryptocurrency prices.


Block 7,080,000: Ethereum Devs Propose Activation Point for Next Ha…

Members of ethereum’s open-source development team have reached agreement on an activation time for Constantinople, a proposed code change designed to give users the option to update the blockchain with additional features.


Ethereum Developers Are Quietly Planning an Accelerated Tech Roadmap

Ethereum developers are quietly discussing a previously undisclosed upgrade that could boost the capabilities of the technology more aggressively in the short-term.