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Mining Report Shows 65% of Bitcoin's Hashpower Stems From China

As the end of 2019 approaches, Coinshares Research has published its bi-annual mining report that contains informative research and observations about the bitcoin mining industry. Since Coinshare’s last report published in June, BTC’s hashrate grew by 50 exahash per second (EH/s) and the firm believes a decent portion of the power stems from China.


Bloxroute Releases Blockchain Distribution Network for Ethereum and…

On December 3, the crypto software firm Bloxroute’s cofounder, Eyal Markovich, announced the launch of the startup’s Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) Version 1. Markovich explained that the BDN V1 release is a milestone for the company and the scalability service aims to enable exponential blockchain scaling by propagating blocks and transactions faster.


2019's Bitcoin Miners Are 5x Faster Than Predecessors

High-powered bitcoin miners and next-generation semiconductors go hand in hand and as process node technology grows, SHA256 hashrate follows. Coinshares’ recent bi-annual mining report highlights that newly introduced mining rigs have “as much as 5x the hashrate per unit as their generational predecessors.”


Dutch Bank ING Reportedly Working on Crypto Custody Tech

Netherlands-based banking multinational ING is developing technology for the custody of crypto assets, according to Reuters.


The State Encourages ICO Fraud. The Free Market Minimizes It

Many Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have been and are frauds. The state enables this con game in various ways, including the establishment of accredited investors and the regulation of businesses that sell equity.


Ripple’s Revamped Xpring Platform Looks to Boost XRP Development

Ripple has condensed its broad Xpring developer platform into a single site. The new platform aims to allow crypto and non-crypto developers to integrate payments into any mobile application. Now, Xpring.io offers those developers a wallet, new tools, technical documentation and Xrping customer service. 


Cryptocurrency Is Most Useful for Breaking Laws and Social Constructs

This post is part of CoinDesk's 2019 Year in Review, a collection of 100 op-eds, interviews and takes on the state of blockchain and the world.


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